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“I’ve got a place in Santa Monica; I’ve got a place in New York City. “The nav’s a little primitive and the screen is low on the center stack, so you have to look down,” he says.“The i Pod connection is in the glove compartment.

I do more driving out in Santa Monica, although not this weekend with Carmageddon, because we don’t have enough problems in L. version of “Top Gear” got the green light on the History Channel, Ferrara bought his daily driver, a 2008 Mercedes-Benz E350 he keeps in L. He bought the used E350 last year specifically because he liked the model’s rounded headlights. I just like the rounded look, a little more classic look on it,” he says. When you connect it to the i Pod, you run it through your dashboard.

“You drive up and down the East Coast when you start getting booked on the road, so my road car was an ’85 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe five-speed,” he says. With his current hosting gig, he feels lucky to be able to drive all over the country. “They said, ‘We’re doing the American version.’ My first words were, ‘Don’t screw it up.'” He met the other two hosts, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood.“It was the weirdest audition I ever had because I didn’t go to a producer’s office or a studio.

Ferrara bought it from his brother, and his dad had to teach him how to drive a stick shift. That included driving a Lotus Evora over the Seven Mile Bridge from Miami to Key West at 130 mph.“Top Gear” on the History Channel Season Two of “Top Gear” debuted July 24. I was in California, they said, ‘Meet us in the parking lot, look for an Evo.'” Like it’s a ransom drop and a kidnapping,” he says, wryly. Thank you.’ They stopped us when we did it because we almost killed each other.”To prepare to become the host of the most famous car show franchise in the world, Ferrara went to stunt driving school at Drivers East in New Jersey.“Danny Aiello III was our stunt coordinator on ‘Rescue Me.’ When I got this gig, he said, ‘There’s a good guy in Jersey, go see Mike Burke and he’ll hook you up,” he says. You learn J turns, reverse 180s, stuff in those cars you don’t normally get to do — the right way.”Host chemistry Between seasons, Wood and Ferrara got to hang out some more when they were asked to start the Top Gear 300 NASCAR race in Charlotte this year.

“The car I had here, because I was a big TV star, was a luxury Ford Escort! “When I came back out here and ‘Top Gear’ got picked up for the series, I thought, ‘I could get me a car! Car he learned to drive in Ferrara grew up on Long Island in the town of Huntington, where he learned to drive an “ugly olive green” 1970 Cadillac Coupe De Ville.

“I prefer to drive than fly, so I take it up and down to San Francisco and when I want to make time, I take the I-5 at night and just run,” he laughs.

“If I want to take my time, just have some fun and just think, I’ll go up Highway 1.”When he first got the car, Ferrara was on his cellphone, walking through the garage, and the Bluetooth startled him.

I ran the wire and I have a holder for my i Phone that sits in the power outlet so I could navigate with the phone.

I could just use the i Phone as the touchscreen interface on the phone itself and I still hear it through the car that way.”He enjoys driving the E350 up one of his favorite roads, Highway 1, to San Francisco to visit family.

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