Salman khan dating 2016

A recent report by a gossip website claims the couple will get married by the end of 2016.The couple first appeared together during Bollywood actress Preity Zinta's wedding reception.Looks like it’s going to finally happen or so it seems! If Bollywood reports are to be trusted, Bhajrangi Bhaijaan Salman Khan may finally get married on the 18th of November this year, to his latest girlfriend Romanian model Iulia Vantur.

Since her last public appearance with Khan, Vantur has been seen spending quality time with his family.

Recently, there were reports of the Romanian beauty taking offence at the superstar over her surprise video not being screened at the latter's 50 However, that wasn't the only reason why the alleged lovebirds have been picking fights. In other news, the two may have never come clean on their relationship but there are a few things which hint at their nuptials. ' Salman wanted to be out of the legal tangles before marrying.

Apparently, Vantur wasn't very pleased about his proximity to Daisy Shah and Zarine Khan. "Every time his parents raised the question of his marriage, Salman would turn around to say, 'What would I tell my wife if the court cases go against me? Now that the verdict is out in his favour, the coast is clear for his marriage," DNA quoted one of Salman's friends as saying.

Celebrities will be spending close to four months on the farm.

Here they will have to do everything by themselves right from milking the cow and goat to farming and sowing," Khan told Indian Express back in December 2015 when he announced the reality show in India.

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