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“Hypomania” is the term used to describe a milder, non-disabling, form of mania.

Manic children believe that they can accomplish things magically.

As the limbic system flares on, adrenaline spikes, the child becomes stronger, and the thinking brain located in the frontal cortex shuts down.

Rage in children who have bipolar is closer to a seizure than an emotional event and is usually effectively treated with anti-seizure medication, the so-called “mood stabilizers.” The National Institute of Mental Health is carrying out research to determine if bipolar disorder and seizure disorders are directly related. Research shows that if one parent is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, there is a significantly elevated chance that a child will meet diagnostic criteria for the disorder.

Mood shift: Children who have bipolar disorder typically experience dramatic shifts in mood ranging from calm to manic states to marked depressions.

Also, children have more mood cycles of shorter duration than do adults.

Making my recommendation includes talking with the child, his/her parents, teachers, and other counselors, and identifying the presence of mood shifts, sudden rage, and a family component.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has identified the following characteristics of early onset bipolar disorder: depression, irritability, rage, poor frustration tolerance, mania, and psychosis and suicidal tendencies.

Some children with attention deficit disorders are also hyperactive.All of these features are listed for bipolar disorder in adults in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) IV, except rage, psychosis, and poor frustration tolerance.The three criteria described below are based on research conducted at the U. National Institute of Mental Health and the clinical opinion of other researchers.Each template has been made unique in its design, but all of them provide aesthetic appeal, easy-to-browse structure and user-friendliness. Lynn As a mental health counselor who works with children diagnosed with bipolar disorder and author of a book on the subject, parents often ask me to evaluate their elementary-school-age children for the presence of bipolar disorder.

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