Kang rules of dating

She then gained wide recognition through her second film ‘Nabi’.

From there she went on to play key roles in films and TV dramas in order to become one of the most popular South Korean actresses.

The fact is, whether you do or don’t doesn’t seem to affect how men feel about you. There is no real way to avoid or read this situation.

Why deprive yourself, if they like you, it’s going to work out after, if they don’t, then it’s on to the next one. Postponing or holding out on sex is like avoiding the truth. It’s the same story whether you met online or offline. But strangely, the men I spoke to all felt like it was the women who made the whole thing feel weird.

None of my friends use or Guardian Soulmates and the sheer immediacy of dating apps is a whole different playing field to traditional ‘online dating’ or meeting someone IRL. The online playing field is fickle, fast-paced and essentially, entirely superficial.

Within minutes you can find someone hot, then find out if they like similar things to you, hang out at the same places, then within seconds find out who your mutual friends are, where they last got drunk and where their mum lives. The excitement and urgency at which we find people is reflective of the speed at which we move on.

Let the guy follow you first and don’t let this liking-game go on for too long otherwise you’ll just become Insta-friends rather than sexy friends. Irrespective of what people say, whether he takes you out for dinner, for a drink, whether its 10am or 10pm, you’re both there for one reason.

Kang started her career with modelling and later went on to venture into films, starting from 2000’s ‘Flush’.Or at least wait until after you’ve actually met up.You find out your crush is also hitting up your friend…Simultaneously, she received several awards and nominations for her TV dramas as well.She also appears in music videos from time to time and keeps herself open to new challenges.

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