Dating system slammed

It is named after New Argive, a country famed for its scholars.The last time the date was explicitly mentioned or could be directly derived from the storyline (Odyssey), it was 4306 AR.Year 1 in this reckoning begins on the anniversary of the gathering of the Sages of Minorad.

It was then Ms Hatch called a safeguarding hotline called Ryan's Rule, which allowed relatives to request a second opinion if they were not satisfied with a hospital's care or response.

While the city maintains that the software is safe, "administrative issues" stemming from its use by Toronto Paramedic Services over the past six months have prompted staff to undertake a roughly 0,000 risk assessment this summer.

Mike Merriman, the service's current representative with the Canadian Union of Public Employees, is among those concerned that the scheduling software from American company Kronos Inc.

Note though that many dates in the comics have become obsolete after the revision of the storyline.

It is also speculated that this reckoning (used by planeswalkers) could be an interplanar calendar, and that's why it doesn't correspond to other Dominarian calendars.

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