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They have a free swimming period from like 6am to 8am.

Some have showers, some don't..it would at least take a layer of phunk off. They have everything from coffeemakers to toaster ovens that can run off your van lighter.

I need some advice from experienced van dwellers about general living in a van? I decided against a battery powered one because what if the batteries go dead?

There are a lot of ways to rig a tarp awning from roof to provide cover off the side over your sliding door. I have a very sturdy airmattress which is inflated by a plug in blower.

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I'm pretty sure that my marriage is about to be over and I'll be paying child support for three children which will be about 50% of my income which isn't much to begin with.

Hope it helps, sounds like you are goingot be going at it much more hardcore.

Please consider running a blog on vanlife, I will read it for one, bet a lot of folks would get a lot out of it. Go to REI and get some of the useful camping tools, hi-tech compact stoves, storage solutions, mini lights, etc.

Good Luck :) truck stops are good for showers jubitz is one. They have some great stuff to make the going easier. Hang stuff from the ceiling, mount hooks on van interior in convenient places. It is quite nice if you are parking in a city, it's late at night and you have to take a dump or a wiz.

beware of carbine monoxide if your cooking in the van. the real cost of living is about the same when you add up the things you have to pay extra for like storage units extra fuel because you cant park one place all the time etc. This helps with organizing things since space in a van is at a premium when you are living in it. This way you dont have to shlep around in the middle of the night looking for a place to do this, which can be a hassle in a city late at night. Get some 5 gallon water containers from REI, or equivalent.

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